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Corporate Retreat and Team Offsite in Sicily

How much time and complexity is involved in planning a successful corporate retreat?

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From now on, everything changes with Salt Sicily.

Corporate Solutions

Corporate Retreat

Take your team to a corporate retreat to relax, recharge, and be inspired by enchanting locations.

Team Offsite

Empower your team by working in stunning, inspiring locations.

How Salt Sicily works?

Discovering Your Team's Needs

Begin your journey with a personal consultation where we discuss your team’s goals, preferences, and any specific requirements for your retreat or off-site. This step ensures that every aspect of the trip aligns with your company’s objectives.

Craft Your Retreat or Off-site

Our experts craft a unique itinerary that caters to the interests and dynamics of your team. From team-building activities to leisure, every detail is curated to enhance your retreat or off-site experience.

Stress-Free Planning

Leave the planning to us. We handle all logistics, including accommodations, transportation, and local experiences. Our seamless coordination ensures your team can focus on the experience without any logistical hassles.

Booking and Confirmation

Once the itinerary is perfected, we’ll secure all bookings. We manage accommodation reservations, activity bookings, and any necessary travel arrangements to guarantee your spots.

Prepare for Departure

Leading up to your departure, our team provides detailed travel packs and is available to answer any last-minute questions. We ensure everyone is fully prepared and excited for the upcoming corporate retreat.

On-Ground Support

Throughout your retreat or off-site, our local team will be on hand to provide support. From welcoming you upon arrival to being available during your stay, we ensure a smooth and enriching experience for the entire team.

Some key statistics

Boosting Happiness at Work by 18%

A recent study by Airbnb reveals that just the anticipation of a corporate retreat can enhance employees’ happiness by an impressive 18%. The prospect of spending leisure time with colleagues not only boosts morale but also strengthens team dynamics.

Elevating Productivity by 13%

As documented in a study by the University of Oxford, employees who thrive in a serene work environment and feel comfortable in their social interactions with colleagues are shown to be 13% more productive.

Combatting Loneliness by 70%

According to a Forbes study, company retreats are an effective remedy against the loneliness often associated with remote working. These retreats provide a critical setting for reconnection, reducing feelings of isolation by up to 70%.


Tereza H
Tereza H
Salt Sicily ❤️ Amazing vacation….Everything was great- atmosphere, people, food. Mare was so clean. So nice 🙏🏽 cant wait till next time 😃
Luca Tim
Luca Tim
Excellent experience with my friends Salt Sicily ha reso il mio viaggio in Sicilia un'esperienza davvero speciale! Con le loro proposte personalizzate e l'attenzione ai dettagli, ho potuto esplorare l'isola in modo autentico e senza troppe complicazioni. Anche se ci sono stati alcuni piccoli contrattempi (è normale che possano succedere) lungo il percorso, il team di Salt Sicily è stato sempre disponibile e pronto a trovare soluzioni. Consiglierei sicuramente Salt Sicily a chiunque voglia vivere un'avventura unica in Sicilia.
Elena F
Elena F
Esperienza unica Esperienza unica e nuova. Ottimo per visitare la bella Sicilia a 360 gradi. Non manca nulla. Siamo stati seguiti costantemente ed abbiamo assaggiato tutti i sapori di questa isola meravigliosa
noemj b
noemj b
Tutto perfetto Salt Sicily ha reso il mio viaggio in Sicilia un'esperienza indimenticabile! Grazie alla loro attenzione ai dettagli e alle proposte personalizzate, ho potuto scoprire ogni angolo nascosto dell'isola in totale relax. Consiglio vivamente Salt Sicily a chiunque desideri vivere un'avventura autentica e senza stress in Sicilia.!
Carlotta B
Carlotta B
Salt Sicily truly made my Sicilian journey extraordinary! Salt Sicily truly made my Sicilian journey extraordinary! Their personalized itineraries and impeccable attention to detail ensured every moment was unforgettable. From exploring ancient ruins to savoring local cuisine, every experience felt curated just for me. Thank you, Salt Sicily, for an amazing trip! Highly recommend to anyone planning to visit Sicily. Grazie mille!

What is included in our packages?

Corporate retreat Sensory tours

This is an example of an itinerary. Packages can be adjusted in terms of duration and intensity.

Off-site: Team working in stunning places

Beautiful locations

Performance connection

Team building


We offer a wide range of activities including team-building exercises, leadership workshops, culinary experiences, cultural tours, and outdoor adventures. Each activity is selected to meet your team’s goals and preferences.

We recommend booking at least 3-6 months in advance to ensure availability and allow ample time for personalized planning and preparations.

Absolutely! We cater to all dietary needs. Just let us know in advance, and we’ll ensure that all meals meet your team’s dietary preferences.

We organize retreats for groups of all sizes, from small teams to larger corporate groups. Our services are tailored to provide the best experience regardless of group size.

Yes, our retreat packages are comprehensive and include both inland transportation and accommodation. We handle all logistics from your arrival to departure to ensure a seamless experience.

We understand that plans can change. Our team is flexible and will work with you to adjust or reschedule as needed. Cancellation policies will be detailed in your booking agreement to ensure clarity.

We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your objectives. Throughout the retreat planning and execution, we maintain open communication to ensure that all activities and arrangements align with your goals.

Yes, our team or a designated coordinator will be on-site to provide support throughout the retreat. We are there to handle any issues that may arise and to ensure everything goes as planned.

While we don’t directly provide travel insurance, we strongly recommend that all travelers purchase comprehensive travel insurance for their trip. We can advise on suitable options if needed.


Are you ready to experience unique emotions in Sicily?