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Testa di Moro: The History and Meaning


When one thinks of Sicily, images of sun-drenched shores, delectable cuisine, and rich historical tapestries come to mind. Yet, among the many iconic symbols associated with this enchanting island, the “Testa di Moro” stands out for its profound historical and cultural significance. This article explores the intriguing story and deeper meaning behind these distinctive ceramic […]

Mazara del Vallo, The Jewel of Western Sicily


The Must-Visit Destination During Your Sicilian Vacation Nestled on the southwestern coast of Sicily lies Mazara del Vallo, an enchanting town that blends rich history with vibrant culture, making it a must-visit spot during any Sicilian vacation. With a tapestry of Arab, Norman, and Baroque influences, this seaside gem offers an unparalleled experience for those […]

Wind Resort at Puzziteddu: Embracing the Essence of Glamping


Wind Resort in Puzziteddu is a testament to the innovative concept of glamping — a blend of glamorous and camping. This unique retreat offers an immersive experience into the heart of Sicily’s natural splendor, melding luxurious comfort with the earthy charm of outdoor living. The Concept of Glamping Glamping is about bringing the comforts of […]

Living Sicily through the Five Senses


Sicily is a land of extraordinary beauty, a fusion of cultures, flavors, and colors that are reflected in every corner of this enchanting island. With Salt Sicily, we invite you to set aside the tourist guides and experience Sicily through your five senses, in an unforgettable adventure that will connect you with the authentic essence […]

Discovering Sicilian Puppet Theater


Sicilian Puppets Telling Ancient Tales Today, we embark on a fascinating journey among the most captivating marionettes in the world: the extraordinary “Pupi Siciliani.” These handmade works of art, steeped in history and culture, are a fundamental part of Sicilian tradition. Salt Sicily is here to unveil the mystery and charm behind these legendary characters. […]